SAN FRANCISCO is the Number One City to Spend Valentine's Day in CALIFORNIA

New Year's Eve Firework at San Francisco

Photo: Getty Images

Not to sound biased, but it was already pretty obvious that San Francisco is the number one California city to spend your Valentine's Day with your cozy, cupcakin, sugar boo. See what other cities made the list and which are missing. What cities do you think they missed? Possibly Monterey, Half Moon Bay or Carmel AND let's not forget Oakland. The list was reportedly decided on based on how many flower stores the city had and cost of a basic three course meal.

According to the folks at WalletHub we spend close to $175 on Valentine's gifts - that's a lot of chocolate kisses, lingerie and stuffed animals...

1. San Francisco 

2. San Diego

3. San Jose

4. Los Angeles 

5. Irvine

6. Sacramento 

7. Fremont

8. Santa Ana

9. Bakersfield 

10. Chula Vista

11. Riverside 

12. Long Beach

13. Stockton

14. Fresno

15. San Bernardino

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