#SquidGame Inspired DALGONA TREATS - Where to Get Em in The Bay Area

Squid Game costumes continue to be one of the most creative ways folks are showing their love for the series. From the creepy doll in the first game to the blinged out helmet from the ultimate gamer- you've probably seen so many takes - some fails, but for the most part success. You can also find tiny stuffed Squid Game Guard plush toys with their red helmets perfect for display or cuddling (no judgement) - at kiosks at the mall. From clothing to digital stickers, we've seen it ALL, but have you tasted your love for Squid Game? There are Bay Area restaurants and bakeries taking on the task to make the Dalgona Cookie come to life and you better get your order in early IF you want to partake, especially as a holiday treat or gift!

Check out @BobsDonuts take on the cookie as a DONUT - down below!

Up Above - Check out @Seoulbrothers.sf for Dalgona Cookies - They sold out fast at Outside Lands so get your order IN!

Click Here for more Bay Area locations!

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