Erica Banks Names Top 3 Buss It Challenges & Is Ready To Put Out Next Hit!

I know you have been doing the Buss It challenge and if you aren't you've definitely seen the videos. Erica Banks, Miss Buss It herself sat with Big Von to talk about her success saying,

Crazy! Unreal, I'm still trying to take it in and understand it. It's been fun...I'm grateful for it and I'm ready to see what this is all about.

She can't believe celebrities she grew up seeing on tv like Monique, Gabriel Union, Tracee Ellis Ross have done her challenge on social media. After getting a hit record, Erica Banks doesn't feel any pressure putting out more music.

I don't feel any pressure because this is something I have fun with... I actually have a follow-up record ready to go as we speak then I have some music in the vault that's crazier than what's out already so I don't feel pressure I'm actually excited.

Big Von asked what is one thing she will not do during her career.

One thing I will not do is buy jewelry that costs the same price as a home! That's crazy.

She hopes to get Nicki Minaj on a track one day and have vending machines all over cities with her merch for fans. We hope that dream comes true! Check out the interview below.

See Erica Banks's top Buss It challenges below. You agree with these top 3?

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