Saweetie Celebrates Filipino American History Month

The Bay's own Saweetie is always out here representing for the Filipino community! She is constantly sharing her culture with the world, especially her love of filipino food! The 'Tap In' rapper often speaks highly of her favorite food - adobo - and recommends everyone tries it out for themselves!

To celebrate Filipino American History Month, Saweetie talks about being Filipino in the Bay Area and her experiences traveling outside of California:

"Growing up in the Bay area as a Filipino was very normal for me, however, when I travel now out of state it's very rare to see a filipino and black girl. Some people think it's exotic, but for me it's hella normal and there's hella 'blasians' that were Filipino and Black in the Bay Area.

She also talks about speaking Tagalog in upcoming music:

I'm just proud to be Filipino and I rep it as much as I can in my songs. I have a song called 'Pretty Girl Mosh Pit' where I'm speaking Tagalog, so tap in and stay tuned for 'Pretty B**** Music.'

Happy Filipino American History Month!

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