H.E.R. Celebrates Filipino American History Month

October is Filipino American History Month and we're celebrating with H.E.R.! Not only is she a Bay Area native from Vallejo, but also a proud filipina that embraces her filipino heritage and culture.

"Growing up being filipino in the Bay... it was really dope because it's filled with filipinos. It was a very big community and they always support everything I do. It just felt like one big family being in the Bay Area."

Although H.E.R. has made her way across the country and no longer resides in the Bay, she continues to keep her filipino culture close and sends love to everyone cheering her on.

"Filipinos are very nurturing, very kind... with that culture and that kindness and that gratitude, I definitely carry on with me in my career. Having a huge filipino community supporting me since I was very young... it was just so important for me to have that foundation for me believing in myself. In everything I do, I have that in the back of my mind. My filipino family, my kababayan, they always got me wherever I go, wherever music takes me... they'll always be there for me."

Happy Filipino American History Month! Watch the full video below.

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