Rihanna Fires Draya From Savage For Jokes On Megan thee Stallion Shooting.

'PUMA x Balmain- created with Cara Delevingne' LA Launch Event

'PUMA x Balmain- created with Cara Delevingne' LA Launch Event

If you know anything, Rihanna doesn't play when it comes to domestic violence. The internet is full of rumors claiming that Draya Michele was fired as an endorser for Rihanna's Fenty/Savage brand afte comparing the Tory & Megan's shooting situation to a "Bobby and Whitney situation.... I wan't you to like me so much you want to shoot me in the foot too."

Immediately, fans blasted Draya for her comments and making light of domestic violence.

Although Draya posted numerous apologies for her comments, Megan seemingly responded to Draya's comments writing on Twitter: "Dumb b#tch that sh#t ain’t f#cking funny who tf jokes about getting shot by a n#gga"

Now, fans believe Rihanna caught wind of Draya's comments and had her fired as a brand ambassador for Savage/Fenty! Allegedly, Rihanna then sent Meghan a gift basket thanking her for being an endorser!

Meghan seemed to be happy with the situation posting her new lingerie and get well note from Riri on Instagram.