Friends And Family Are Asking For Answers And Justice For Gloria Bambo

A petition by Gloria Bambo's classmate on has been circling social media asking for justice. McKinney, Texas resident Gloria Bambo was reported missing on July 9th and found by her roommate hanging in her garage on July 12, 2020. Police ruled her death a suicide and are investigating.

Her friend has said other wise, saying the case has been closed,

Gloria's body was so decomposed Gloria's family even can't view her. It seems like our police are more invested in giving people tickets and find weed than solving this obvious homicide case. My friend really got lynched in broad light. That is why this case is closed.

Facebook user Jamilla Arnold posted a statement saying,

Gloria resided with her roommate, a white male who found her in the garage Sunday, July 12, 2020...Gloria’s body was in that garage 3 days, where people resided, and repairs were made. No one has heard anything about this why? We need to know what happened to Gloria

McKinney Police department posted a statement to facebook to clear up inaccuracies circling social media.

Ms. Bambo’s body was discovered by her 19-year-old male housemate who has fully cooperated during the investigation. All evidence in the case so far leads investigators to believe it was suicide. The Medical Examiner’s findings are still pending but the preliminary examination of the body has not uncovered any evidence to contradict what was discovered at the residence. This case is still under investigation and is not closed at this time. We are committed to a complete, thorough investigation of Ms. Bambo’s tragic death and we grieve the tragic loss of this promising, young life.