DMX And Snoop Dogg's VERZUZ: A Recap

Los Angeles Lakers v Boston Celtics

Los Angeles Lakers v Boston Celtics

In case you missed Wednesday night's VERZUZ battle between Snoop Dogg and DMX, here are some highlights.

The session opened with a prayer from DMX. The legends then embarked on a 20-song celebration of Hip-Hop.

At its peak, hundreds of thousands of people tuned in. At least 2 million fans checked out the stream at some point.

Some of the head-to-heads included Gin and Juice vs. Get At Me Dog, Slippin' vs. Murder Was The Case, and Ruff Ryder's Anthem vs. Nuthin' But A G Thang.

By the end, both artists were freestyling to wrap up the evening.

Did you watch it? Who do you think won the battle?

Check out their Iheartradio custom playlists below

Photo Credit: Getty Images