Schaaf Rejects Trump’s Call To Send Federal Law Enforcement To Oakland

President Trump recently sent federal officers to Portland and mentioned that he would send more officers to other cities such as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and even here to the Bay Area. He added, "Oakland is a mess."

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf responded today (Monday, July 20) during an interview on ABC7’s Midday Live stating, “I don't need law enforcement in Oakland, I need testing, I need personal protective equipment.”

 "We need direct income support for people who are out of work, that's what we need. This president seems to confuse a political bent."

Schaaf added, "Oakland is a proud, diverse, progressive city that is not a mess, nor is it hell.”

The Oakland Police department also released a statement regarding Trump’s call to action:

"The Oakland Police Department has experienced peaceful demonstrations, marches and protests for well over a month."

Photo: GettyImages.

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