16-Year-Old High School Wrestler Stops A Child Kidnapping & Assault!

Talk about right place at the right time! 16-year-old . Beltran then began viciously attacking another man inside the store. The entire incident was caught on surveillance camera.student, Canaan Bower, is being applauded for his heroism after controlling suspected kidnapper and assaulter Daniel Arroyo Beltran, 22. Beltran was caught on surveillance camera attempting to snatch a 2 year-old child out the arms of his mother. The frightened mother then fled into the store with her toddler and 2 other children in tow while the store employees attempted to prevent the kidnapper from entering the store. Beltran began assaulting the woman and another onlooker before he was stopped by 16-year-old Canaan Bower. Watch the entire surveillance footage below!