30 Movies Kids and Parents Should Never Watch Together

As we venture forward in self-quarantine amid the COVID-19 pandemic, television and fame still rank high in our outlets for escapism. However, if you’re around family during this time of social isolation, you might want to take a deeper look into some of the most beloved films in years to make sure that you’re watching with the right company. After all, there’s a reason the family friendly genre exists in the first place. Scroll on below to see the films we’re talking about!

1. Midsommar

2. Uncut Gems

3. Sorry to Bother You

4. Parasite

5. Don't F**k With Cats: Hunting An Internet Killer

6. Sausage Party

7. Good Time

8. The Handmaiden

9. Audition

10. Funny Games

11. Hereditary

12. The Wolf of Wall Street

13. Under the Skin

14. Inglorious Basterds

15. The Shining

16. American Psycho

17. Tusk

18. Kill Bill Series

19. Fifty Shades of Grey

20. Spring Breakers

21. Blue Is The Warmest Color

22. The Counselor

23. Nymphomaniac Series

24. Requiem For A Dream

25. Boogie Nights

26. Oldboy

27. Pulp Fiction

28. Mulholland Drive

29. Trainspotting

30. Superbad

Photo: Youtube

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