30 Superfans of College Basketball

With college basketball you never know, anyone can be a winner. It's an exciting, unpredictable game that keeps fans on their toes. As one of the most followed sports in America, the crowd adds so much to the excitement of the game. From dressing up in costumes to painting their faces, these super fans do what it takes to rally support for their team. Scroll down to check out the passionate fanbases.

1. Duke Blue Devils

Blue Devils are SCREAMING.

2. North Carolina Tar Heels

The fans North Carolina deserves!

3. UCLA Bruins

UCLA fans bringing creativity to the court!

4. Gonzaga Bulldogs

We bleed red, white, and blue.

5. Kentucky Wildcats

Teamwork doesn’t stop at the court with these Wildcats.

6. Kansas Jayhawks

That’s one passionate crowd.

7. Michigan State Spartans


8. Villanova Wildcats

Game faces on AND off the court!

9. Virginia Tech Hokies

Hokies showing the camera who’s king.

10. Connecticut Huskies


11. Baylor Bears

Clearly the funkiest fan of the bunch.

12. Auburn Tigers

Double trouble.

13. Brigham Cougars

Blue wig in the house!

14. Texas Tech Raiders

Not so angry birds.

15. Grand Canyon Lopes

Can’t have too much purple!

16. New Mexico Lobos

Will the real New Mexico Lobo please stand up.

17. Butler Bulldogs

Butler fans keeping it classy.

18. Daytona Flyers

Small school, huge fans!

19. Ohio State Buckeyes

Who needs a poster board when you’ve got a perfectly good stomach?

20. Oregon Ducks

Love for the ducks lives on!

21. San Diego State


22. Liberty Flames

A couple of jokers.

23. Houston Cougars

Little kid, big spirit!

24. Iowa Hawkeyes

The king of rock n roll with some Hawkeye fans.

25. Maryland Terrapins

Maryland fans go hard!

26. Texas Longhorns

Don’t mess with Texas.

27. Arizona Wildcats

Wild thang.

28. Indiana Hoosiers

Stormtrooper came through for ball wars.

29. Notre Dame Leprechauns

It's the luck of the Irish!

30. Georgetown Hoyas

Ain’t nothin’ but a G thing.

Photos: Getty Images

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