The Bay Area Links Up For Kehlani's New Song "All Me"

The Bay Area linked up for Kehlani's latest single featuring Keyshia Cole and produced by ReeceBeats and our good friend P-Lo!

"All Me" went viral after Kehlani posted a small snippet of the song before it was released. Fans loved the small clip so much that it had everyone doing videos using the song snippet online. Noodz, Kehlani's friend and DJ, performed Saturday at the Midway in San Francisco and dropped the song before its release. The Bay supports Kehlani so much, the whole crowd was signing to the unreleased song!

"All Me" was released December 22 at 9pm and was trending on twitter. Kehlani took to instagram thanking fans for all of the support and even dropped a number to text her!

i just wanna say thank you forreal. it’s been a rough week lots of focus on my health and this just really made my world do a 180. this was so natural, i gotta just follow where the universe takes me at this point! text me +1 (510) 692-4419 i wanna say thank you, i wanna hear feedback, i really love y’all. keep buying the song 🧡 #AllMe

The new song "All Me" gives us early 2000's R&B vibes complete with superstar vocals from both Kehlani and Keyshia Cole. We are loving this new song and will definitely be having it on repeat. If you haven't heard the song yet, you are missing out. Vibe with us and listen to the song below!


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