Philthy Rich on Celebrating 10 Years in the Game, New Businesses & Album

Oakland's own, Philthy Rich Slid through the station to chop it up with me about how he survived the Hip-Hop game for the last 10 years, as well as his new business ventures and of course his latest album, Big 59 #2. Philthy spoke on how he wanted to quit the rap game on multiple occasions but for different reasons he just couldn't walk away. We also spoke about his new business ventures such as opening up a new hair salon as well as breeding American Bullies. He also details a story about a jeweler being robbed at his Las Vegas clothing store, & the police confiscating video evidence as well as trying to close the store down. He mentioned some of the difficulties new entrepreneurs run into. He spoke on his recent interactions with law enforcement, from Customs police in the SFO Airport, to the FEDs sliding up on him in his childhood neighborhood in East Oakland "Seminary."

Peep the interview down below!