'The Sync Up Podcast' Dee-1 Supports Mayor London Breed's New Initiative

Since this interview Dee-1 has dropped his single 'I Know God' which has made it onto my daily playlist, in this interview Dee-1says his new music is the best he has ever made and I'll have to agree. We talk about what inspired him to leave his deal with RCA and make his brand Mission Vision into a label, where he is going to use his resources to help other artists and make documentaries.

Dee-1 was in San Francisco performing and speaking at an event for high school students, where they were introduced to various SF based companies like Air B&B for paid summer internships as part of Opportunities For All Initiative by Mayor London Breed, you can view more on that in this press release.

Dee said he was going to be dropping alot of music this year and he has been consistent following 'I Know God' he released 'Ready For you' and the latest single 'People Don't Want That Real' Dee mentioned he is going to be releasing all of his new music under Mission Vision with Empire Distribution.

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In 2017 while on tour Dee-1 wanted to do an exclusive meet and greet with his fans. I was able to put together the one in Austin, Tx, where Dee-1 talks about how going to Africa as a teenager changed his life.