President Obama And Steph Curry Kick Off MBK Rising Event In Oakland!

While in the White House, President Barack Obama created an initiative called "My Brothers Keeper" to help young men of color navigate through their life with strong mentorships and to give them the guidance and resources they need to succeed.

After leaving the White House he wanted to keep the program going and made sure to do so with his foundation, The Obama Foundation.

Now President Obama has traveled to Oakland, California to link up with MBK Ambassador, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors to have a three day even on called, "MBK Rising". Where they talk to young men who are part of MBK from around the country on topics such as suspension rates in schools of people of color to how men can feel more comfortable to open up about their feelings to their peers.

In the first event on Tuesday (Feb.19th), Obama and Curry held a town hall where these young men would directly able to ask them their questions.

Watch the full event below!


Incase you are pressed for time and just want the highlights. we got you covered. Here are some of the more notable moments from the MBK Rising Town Hall with President Obama and Steph Curry:

As always Obama lightened the mood with his and Steph's introduction


When asked about what challenges they had growing up and how they overcame them, Steph Curry acknowledged that for him it was always self-confidence. Because of his father being in the NBA, people thought his path was laid out for him which wasn't the case. He had to get to a point where he knew he had the work ethic, skill, and talent to be a great basketball player. He also made it clear that the people that he surrounded himself with was a huge part of building that confidence.

Obama was also quick to tease Steph about his ankles, which was an early on disadvantage for Steph in his career.


On the importance of being a mentor:


A young man asked Obama and Curry on how to change the narrative on masculinity for young men of color, especially for the men that belong to the LGBTQA+ community, to which Obama said,

"Being a man is first and foremost being a good human...each of us have gifts that express themselves in different ways. And some of us have gifts of art and music and what we are really in tune to is peoples feelings and sensitivities, and that's magic, we need that. And what we want to do is create a space for young men of color and young men generally that for me to be respected and admired in my community I have to act a certain way."

He went on to say how in hip-hop and rap, there is a lot of lyrics about how much money they make, how they can disrespect someone and they can't do anything about it, etc... and how that in itself ironically shows a lot of vulnerability on how those artists really feel.


On respecting women:


There will be more MBK Rising events happening tomorrow (Feb.20th) as the event continues in Oakland to support young men of color and the organizations that they are representing.


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