The Best Memes Of 2018!

Even though every new year brings unexpected highs and lows, we can always be certain that every month we will get one or more incredible memes to help us get through the year.

We compiled some of our favorites from 2018, but make sure to let us know what your favorite memes are!

Buff Kim Kardashian: We don't know where this meme originated from but honestly we don't care. It's a meme we didn't know we needed in our life and it's one we can't ever unsee. 

Let's Get This Bread: One of the newer memes of 2018, that started out inspirational but slowly turned way too relatable about how hard the daily grind can be. 

Ray J's Hat: On an episode of Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood, Ray J's hat moved so many times in one scene it left people saying, "HOW SWAY?!"

LeBron James Finals: This one is especially fun for any fans in the bay. When JR Smith made a colossal mistake after a missed free throw which made LeBron James furious, a beautiful meme was born. And the Internet did not hold back on its savageness. 

Squinting Woman: Possibly the most relatable out of the lot but this meme came from a photo shoot that took the Internet by storm. And we are glad it did! 

BBQ Becky: To top of the list, we saved the best for last. BBQ Becky rose to infamy when she called the cops of people barbequing at Lake Merrit, in Oakland! And from that phone call came a slew of memes, including the one below!

Let us know your favorite meme of 2018! 

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