Video of Bus Driver and Passenger In Fight As Bus Swerves OFF A Bridge


OMG- prayers up for these folks! You can see from the cuts in this footage, or as Cardi gamed us up, in these footages that a fight broke out on a bus that caused a CRAZY outcome! Apparently the passenger involved in the fight was mad at the driver for missing her stop. Instead of keeping her hands to herself she angrily demanded that he pull over and struck the driver, who reacted by throwing a jab back! All this chaos caused him to lose control of the bus and they swerved into oncoming traffic hitting a car and if that wasn't bad enough the bus drove through the bridge beams and from the footage looks like it took a long fall off the bridge! YIKES! Did she expect the driver to really pull over on the bridge in a huge bus! Seriously prayers up and reminder kids use your words, don't let your anger take over to the point where you're not thinking before you act (easier said than done sometimes), but this really could have all been avoided!


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