Did These Halloween Costumes Win OR Are They Doin WAY Too Much?

Please...Come get your friends! J/P! Check out some of these elaborate Halloween Costumes and you be the judge, did they win Halloween and take the trophy or are they doing WAY too much! If anything, these folks will give you some costume ideas! Enjoy...

Yup! That's a Choco Taco...someone please flag down the next ice cream truck asap! Between this costume and the one below featuring characters from the movie Beetlejuice, one has to wonder how much time it took to make these?

Can't never be too careful with all those germs floating around! There's only one answer...life size lysol wipes...LOL!

This makeup is fire, it will make you cringe a bit, but it definitely took time and lots of technique to pull off!

Who did this to this puppy?! He looks so grumpy in his Halloween costume, but he's also really killing it! If he came creeping in your room in the middle of the night you know you'd scream!

No double take needed ya that's both Bruce Jenner and Caitlyn as a couple's costume...oh and yes, he really remixed Buzz Lightyear and made him into this...

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