Tyga Used to Rock Fake Chains But Check out How ICED Out He Is Now (VID)

Hey People! Warning: Explicit Words in the Vid Below....Just FYI....


So back in the day Tyga was a part of that fake it til you make it movement and he revealed that he loved the idea of being iced out so much he had a chain that was so fake it was changing colors. He even wore the green gold necklace to meet Lil Wayne and he's not embarrassed to admit it, because you can see he has definitely come a long way. Check out this rare look at Tyga's iced out collection, where he shows off his love for diamonds and jewels. Most of these pieces cost more than people make in a year but he wants you to know he has expensive taste and these are investments. He even jokes that one of his pieces is like a string of engagement rings! Burrrrrr it just got hella COLD in here!


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