The Best Burger Spots In The Bay!

When it comes to great burgers in the Bay Area, there's no shortage of incredible restaurants cranking out some incredible burgers! We've put together a list of our favorite spots in the bay below!

1. The first spot on our list has to be Nation's Giant Hamburgers! A legendary spot serving delicious burgers and pies to the Bay Area since 1952! They got all your classics burgers as well as options fro vegetarians! 

Photo courtesy: @keneats_

2. A crowd favorite, especially with college students in SF is Pearls Deluxe Burgers! Their wide menu selection includes your classic cheeseburger but you can also venture into new territory with their Kobe Burger or Buffalo Burger! 

Photo courtesy: @pearlsdeluxe

3. We have to give a shout out to the newcomer, Popsons Burgers, who not only have an assortment of different burgers but also have one dedicated and created by 106.1 KMEL's very own BIGVON! The burger has cajun fried IN the burger... I mean what more could you want?! 

Photo courtesy: @popsonsburgers

And in honor of #NationalCheeseburgerDay, we tried to trick BIGVON into eating the famous "Impossible Burger" from Umami Burger, which looks like real meat but is actually made from beets! 

Watch below to see his reaction! 

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