Rejoice! Issa Rae and the Insecure Fam Inked a New Deal!


If you've been following Issa Rae's journey then you know how big of a deal it was when Insecure got it's big break hitting your TV screens on HBO! Issa opens up about creating the show and shared that while her friends were pursuing careers as PHDs and corporate execs, she was busy making web series. She shared episodes of a dorm life type series and Awkward Black Girl via Facebook and YouTube and with millions of views the show became what we're now enjoying as Insecure. Now that season 3 is underway and weaving storylines left and right- don't you worry, the fun isn't stopping anytime soon! Issa shared the GREAT news...Season 4 is CONFIRMED! Congrats Issa, Yvonne and the WHOLE Insecure team. Question: will there be more bedroom pillow talk scenes between Molly and Dro.... ???? 



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