Woman JUMPS OFF Cruise Ship After Fight With Her Boo

Kay Longstaff was enjoying a European cruise with her Boo until they apparently got into a heated argument in the middle of the night. Fellow cruisers report that they they had been fighting for some time before Kay stripped herself of some of her possession and took the plunge into the Adriatic Sea near Croatia! She fell from the 7th level of the ship and had to stay afloat for about 10 hours until she was rescued! She credits her Yoga Skills for keeping her fit enough to last in the waters! To keep herself busy all that time Kay says she sang to herself, all the while thousands of cruisers still aboard the ship were awakened by the captain telling them they had to stop while search parties went to work.

According to cruisers the ship rails are quite high and you can't just fall over them, you would have to climb up, so not everyone is believing her story that she fell. Not to mention when she was found with minimal clothing-so she most likely stripped down and saved her phone from taking a dive with her! I just want to know what the fight was over- seeing as how her boyfriend supposedly had his assets frozen just days before AND his ex-wife said she warned Longstaff about dating him! Trouble trouble...thankfully she's safe, but sheesh a 7 story plunge to evacuate an argument. SMH!



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