McDonald’s Giving Away Free Food For Life With The “McGold Card”

Yes, you read that title right....McDonald’s is about to give someone free food FOR LIFE with their McGold Card! Only a few people have ever been awarded this Card, including Sweden’s King. You are about to be royalty too if you win this insane prize. 

It’s actually pretty genius marketing all to promote McDonald’s new Order & Pay feature in their app. All you have to do is place an order & Pay in the app starting today through August 24th.  

“Mobile Order & Pay is just one of the latest ways we are transforming convenience and value for our customers,” said Hashim Amin, Head of U.S. Digital at McDonald’s. “To celebrate Mobile Order & Pay, we’re giving one of our mobile customers the chance to win the McGold Card and join a select group of McDonald’s fans, just for using the app.”

If you win, you’ll also get a custom 24k gold phone case to commemorate your new access!! 

Before you go spending your whole check on food in hopes of helping your can only enter once per day. 

Also, if you do win...can you hook it up with a few Big Macs?? 


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