Hero Groom Interrupts His Own Wedding To Save a Life in the Ocean!

Zac Edwards was having an amazing beachside wedding with his bride-to-be Cindy when they noticed something wrong. In the ocean near their ceremony, someone was having trouble getting bak to shore and was fighting not to drown because of the powerful currents. Without hesitation, the Coast Guard petty officer groom jumped into action and into the water! 


Hearing first-hand from Zac on what went down is pretty crazy:

"You could just tell by the look on his face he was in difficulty. When we first saw him he was about 50 yards out. I took off my shirt, but my wife said I didn't have time to take off my pants. I ran into the water. I told some kids to go back to the beach and I took a boogie board. I'm so glad I did that.

'I eventually reached him but we were about half a football field away from the shore. He just kept saying "I can't breathe." I tried to keep his head above water and I propped him up onto the boogie board."

We salute you Zac! 

Thumbnail photo: Kelly Edwards | Facebook


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