A Netflix Original Series EVERYONE Needs To Watch


I had been sick with the "incredible hulk" cold this past week and I needed to find something to watch desperately... I had been wanting to check this out so I did and man, it didn't disappoint! It was so good and SO REAL. I can't talk too much about the show because I don't want to give anything away but all I have to say is Black Lives Matter.  The show is based off of situations that are happening right now with the cops and the black community, it's hella deep. I thought maybe there would be some justice, and just like real life, there wasn't much. My heart is breaks over and over each day when I see racism and how alive it truly is.  We live in this world where you are strictly judged by the color of your skin, how does that even make sense?  Just go watch this show and tell everyone you know. 

Have you seen Seven Seconds? 


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