(VIDEO) Former Cosby Show Actor Bum-rushes BILL COSBY In A Topless Protest

Warning: Explicit Content!


Bill Cosby is currently on retrial and on his way into court he and his team were bum-rushed by a topless protester. The protester has been identified as Nicolle Rochelle, an actor that appeared in a few Cosby Show episodes. Although she says she wasn't assaulted or sexually abused by Cosby she says she feels betrayed and she wanted to lend her body to the cause, especially since not one of the over 60 women identified in the case is not being allowed to testify in the trial. Check out the moment she shocks Cosby and his team in video above. 

Do you think she went about this protest in the right way? Did she get her point across? Do you feel as betrayed by Bill Cosby as she does? One thing that is for sure someone had to stand for these 60+ women-even if just for a second!


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