CELEBS and THEIR BEHBEHS That You Just Can't Get Enough Of!!

Gotta love when celebrities share some sweet shots of them with their minis and these are some new ones that you can't just get enough. Check em out I dare you not to awwwwah or giggle at least once or twice! #BabyFever

Serena and her little mama are killing the 'Do of the day of game! #Hair on point! Check out this quick family shot from the WESTS...

Check out one of TI's minis looking all grown up and flossing on the high waters. The real question here, is what curl product is he using...share, please share!

Offset from MIGOS sent birthday wishes to his princess and she will melt your heart!

Chris Paul and his Texan Crew have the cuteness in check!

Can't forget the Curry ladies- check out Ayesha and one of her princesses rocking their matching denim!

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