Blessings! Middle-Schooler RAISES Money To Provide Free Laundry Day!


Jayera Griffin is an eighth grade honor student from Riverdale. While tutoring younger classmates she realized that their clothes could use a wash or two to help them improve their self-esteem. She also thought this boost in morale might help them be able to concentrate more in class and it was in this moment that she decided to embark on a goal to provide a FREE laundry day for her classmates and community. She started her hard work and raised over $900 to be able to give back to those that needed it most. Once the money was raised, she decided that during Spring Break she would head to her local laundromat and provide a "Free Wash Day" open to the community. 

Jayera is now thinking about her next way to give back. She would like toi make the "Free Wash Day" an annual event where families could wash as many clothes as they need during Spring Break. She's even throwing around ideas like raising money to buy new clothes for classmates so they will have new clothes for the Back to School season! Jayera loves giving back and she simply does it because she wants to make people feel happy. Her parents couldn't be more proud of this young lady- Check out the video to see some of the families Jayera's community spirit impacted! 


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