Word? See How Much This Passenger Was Given When Bumped OFF A United Flight


United Airlines has been in the news nonstop for some very unsavory and just plain sad reasons. Between physically assaulting passengers to remove them from overbooked flights to the recent passing of a family's dog after a flight attendant placed it in the overhead bin. Now they're in the news because they recently changed a passenger's whole travel year by offering a $10,000 voucher for her troubles, when they bumped her from an oversold flight. Check out the passengers tweets below and the disbelief when they offered her the voucher. Apparently she knew that she was going to be bumped from the flight and instead of just accepting their apology for the inconvenience she asked for monetary compensation for the inconvenience. They were unable to offer cash but urged her to take a travel voucher, she had no idea it would be SO BIG! How much would you accept if you were bumped from a flight, would you accept the voucher or just take the apology for the inconvenience?



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