Bey & Jay are in Jamaica shooting music video for 'On the Run'

Copyright: Getty Images

Well it looks like until the On The Run II tour starts in June there will be a Beyonce/JAY-Z daily briefing and so here goes.  Tuesday night the couple was spotted in Jamaica filming a video, the couple was on a motorcycle, with JAY-Z dressed in head-to-toe Puma while Beyonce wore a Gucci jacket, white fishnet stockings and hot pink boots.  No word on where the video will end up, it could be something they were shooting for the tour, but all eyes and ears are open as the “Jeyonce” watch continues…. Promo Idea: Have a Beyonce/JAY-Z look-alike contest, the people that look the most like Beyonce and JAY-Z win. They can send in photos or you can have listeners use a specific hashtag to use as they post their pictures on social media. 



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