BALLIN'! QUAVO Releases His FOOTBALL HIGHLIGHT Reel and He's Killing It!


To promote his upcoming Celebrity Flag Football fundraiser to benefit the babies, Quavo only thought it would be right to show his competition what they'd be going up against! He shared his high school football highlight reel and it's got people tripping off his gridiron gang skills!


QUAVO has joked about trying out for professional football teams but from this highlight reel he shared the other day it's pretty obvious he had a real shot! Outside of most likely just his coaches and family this footage has never been seen before and you can check out some of his best plays, swift moves and straight up TOOOOOOUCHDOWNS! With all his smart QB moments, he shows off why he's the all time completion leader in his home county! Just watch how he finds his Wide Receivers as though he's not even looking and they're just where he needs them to be! Not to mention he runs some touchdown plays himself. If he wants to put his MIGOS rap life on hold he could easily head back to the field to show out on these fools!


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