Hold Up! Now CLAIRE's Is FILING for Bankruptcy?


We're still trying to process the fact that we have to grow up and can't be Toys R Us kids forever! Especially since Toys R Us dropped the recent news of their bankruptcy and their straight up shutting up of shop! Now news is coming out that Claire's has filed for bankruptcy as they work on cleaning up their debt. At this point, they will keep locations open, but they will most likely close a number of their locations as a lot of retail locations are seeing a decrease in foot traffic. If they do close locations...Where will you get your baby's ears pierced, where will you buy the little gals and teenagers in your life their starter jewelry kits, stickers, purses and wallets? Everyone has a memory of Claire's whether it was working there, meeting a young lady that worked there for break or shopping for some trinkets! 

Check Out some items that you could only find at Claire's that will take you down memory lane as we mourn their potential closing of stores!


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