50 CENT RESPONDS to Vivica Calling His Love Making Skills PG13

WARNING: Explicit Content!

Excerpts from Vivica Fox's new book came out and in them she is still talking about her relationship with 50 Cent. She opens up about their sex life, calling his bedroom game PG 13 and basically saying that she had to initiate their moments of intimacy most of the time, since she actually enjoyed being with him. When 50 Cent woke up- her criticism was one of the first things he saw. He was obviously furious and shocked that she is still talking about him. Check out his responses below and how he's speaking out for men. Curtis thinks there's a bit of a double standard because it's ok for women to talk about intimate moments but if a man were to do it and bring it up 14 years later, like Vivica, it would warrant him being called crazy and a possible beat down for pestering the woman. Do you agree with him, is there a double standard? Do you think it's time for Vivica to get over their relationship and move on or are you behind her and think she has the right to talk about ALL their business? Even bigger Q- are you going to pick up her new book?



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