13 California Siblings Held Captive By Parents Feel Freedom for 1st Time


13 California siblings were recently released from the clutches of their parents who kept them in a life of captivity that has been compared to an imprisonment camp. The siblings, who want to be referred to as survivors and not victims, were saved when their 17 year old sister broke out of the house and alerted officials that her parents kept her and her 12 siblings in chains and malnourished them. The survivors reportedly weren't event allowed to be unchained if they had to use the restroom. Since being released the older kids, whose ages range from 18-29 are now living in their own house and being looked after by their attorney and public guardian, while the younger siblings have been split up among 2 separate foster homes. The siblings who are from Riverside had shared how amazing it is to be able to just walk out their front door whenever they like and they are looking forward to doing every day tasks like shopping and going to restaurants. Bringing up food around them apparently gets a big response as well, since food was very scarce. The kids were so malnourished that the oldest daughter was only about 82 pounds when checked out by medical professionals! Check out the clip above to hear more about their story and how these survivors are adapting to their new lives. Meanwhile their parents were arrested and being accused of abusing their 13 children by shackling and starving them routinely. Prayers up for their kids!


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