It's SMOKE!! Tekashi 69 vs. The Game: Blood on Blood?

More folks want SMOKE with Tekashi 69! This weekend on social media The Game decided to test Tekashi 69's gangsta. The Game called 69 a fake Blood and began posting old photos & videos of the New York rapper showing off his coca-cola smile. He also posted pictures of Tekashi going thru what looked like a Crip phase where he was banging a blue rag and even laying on blue bandanna bed sheets, which is a direct violation of gang code! 

Tekashi responded by posting The Game's appearance on the hit 90's MTV show "Change of Heart". 69 then went on to invite anyone who wants "smoke" with him to show up in his New York hood & catch that fade.. all of this took place while J Prince Jr and his goons were walking thru SXSW looking for Tekashi and his crew! Everybody and they mama wanna hurt this man!! Stay safe out there 69.



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