OJ Simpson drops criticizism of Colin Kaepernick

Photo Credit: Getty Images

It seems that OJ Simpson is becoming a bit more opinionated these days. 

"The Juice" is supporting Donald Trump and criticizing Colin Kaepernick for his national anthem protest. Simpson told the Buffalo News that he took issue with Kaepernick “attacking the flag,” calling it a “mistake”. 

“I think Colin made a mistake,” said Simpson who was released from prison in October. 

OJ then compared growing up at a time where deacons in the church were also in the KKK. He said that didn't cause him to "disrespect the Bible." 

Also of note in the interview was Simpson discussing a time where he might have been friends with Donald Trump. Simpson doesn't believe he would have voted for Trump though. 

Does OJ Simpson's opinion on anything matter to you these days? 


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