(VIDEO) Lil Wayne Shuts Crowd All The Way DOWN For Disrespecting His Stage!

Warning: Explicit Language!


While performing at a show overseas Lil Wayne stopped everything to point out how rude and disrespectful some fans were being. Apparently someone threw something on-stage towards him and instead of just keeping the show going he thought it was only right that he address the issue before it escalated. Once the music stopped he told the crowd that where's he from they don't get down like that, but that they do tote weapons and rather than have his crew hurt anyone he would just walk off the stage. I know Lil Wayne doesn't play and he deserves respect just as much as the next person, but do you think his response went too far or was he on point? 

He did say he would take the high road because the folks he rolls with would open fire, so rather than create a tragic situation he would just end the show, but was there another way to address the disrespect without resorting to mentions of violence? Although if you think about the way your mom got her point across- she did mention violence to get her point across, like don't make me come in there whoop you, sit down and behave or rather than whoop you in this store for behaving I'm just going to remind you who the boss is and meet you at the car and yup you don't get any of the items we already put in the shopping basket. Old School shut down tactics. 

Once Wayne finished his clap back sesh- he jumped right back into the show and the crowd seemed a little stunned for second, but it looks like the show went on without a hitch after that.


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