Tired Of Looking Or Waiting For Parking? SEE How Far She Goes to Get Hers!


We've all been there, circling and circling trying to find just one parking spot. After many minutes of searching you start considering different options like do I really need to go where I'm going, you know I don't mind walking if I find a spot who cares if it's 5 blocks away, why are all these people here-what could they possibly be up to? Then you start following anyone that's walking hoping they have a car in the general area-nope they're not leaving! Errrrg! YES! You see a spot, hit some maneuvers to rush over just to have another car slip in front of you and snag the spot! At this point, you'll take anything and maybe even do anything- especially if you're on a time limit.

What's the Craziest Thing you've done to get a parking spot- have you stolen one from someone. Would you do what this lady does in the video to hold her spot? Has it ever been that serious? Check out the video, she and her posse are not playing about their parking! 



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