Ghost Ridin' the Tesla on Snap Chat? Ahh, hell nah

Bay Area native & Grammy nominated producer DJ Klypso gets pulled over for speeding in an auto-piloted Tesla and got off when he took it to court! "Klypso" real name Joseph Mourad was given a ticket for driving at an “unsafe slow speed” and using his cellphone while driving with his feet hanging out of the window.

The DJ recently got the ticket dismissed by the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles County and he claims that he convinced the judge on the basis that “Autopilot was 100% driving on its own.”

The judge dismissed both violations after the producer provided supporting evidence that the Tesla auto-pilot drives 100% on its own, while accurately monitoring the cars speed while on the freeway. 

Note to TESLA Model S drivers, you just might get away with ghost riding the whip!! lol.



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