Drone Footage of Whales & Sharks Playing & Feeding Will MESMERIZE You!


I don't know about you but almost ANY Beach is definitely one of the most relaxing destinations. From the crashing waves to the sounds of birds and whales in the background, being near the ocean is a relaxing setting. On a nice day, with the sunny rays beaming down, not too hot, that is- it's the perfect setting for a date, hang out with friends or BBQ with the fam! All the while you're enjoying the beach, you know there are tons of creatures below the crashing waves, a complete other world! But one thing you don't always get to see is what's really going on under that blue water! Check out this drone footage that caught some whales playing and congregating in the Monterey Bay. A shark also joins the meeting- bringing some ferocity to the mix. This footage is mesmerizing and if you love the ocean it will have you ready for the summer to come AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Save me a spot on the beach for the whole season- PUHLEEEEASE!


Can't get enough? Check out this drone footage also shot in Monterey where a pack of Killer Whales charge at a Blue Whale! Towards the end of the clip the way the whales line up looks like they are synchronized swimmers showing out for the drone lenses. Nature is amazing!



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