WTH?! SF Fertility Clinic May Have Defrosted 1000s of Eggs & Embryos!


With a rise in the use of fertility clinics, lots of men and women are using the option to freeze and preserve their eggs and embryos so they can have kids later in life. Pacific Fertility Clinic is an SF Based clinic that offers these services, but they recently had a liquid nitrogen leak that caused a failure in their freezing system, which in turn caused 1000s of samples to be affected and/or defrosted! This terrible mishap may cause 100s of patients to lose their opportunity to have kids in the future and not to mention their hope in starting a family some day! Aside from the devastation of losing their viable eggs and embryos, patients are also most likely concerned with the value they are losing since the cost of the service is hefty. According to reports the cost can start at over $8,000/sample and if they have multiples each pop after the initial cost is about $6,000! Factor in the $600/year service cost and you can easily be over  $10,000 in no time for just one sample!

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Once the staff realized the issue- they not only informed the very angry patients, but they also fully defrosted some of the samples to see if they were still viable. There were some that were still viable, but that's only a few out of thousands. After conducting more tests if the clinic realizes there are more ruined samples than viable ones, how will they rectify the situation with their angry and devastated patients! Prayers up for these folks!

As if that wasn't enough the same issue happened at another clinic in Cleveland and on the same day!



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