NICK CANNON Hates on His Baby Boy's UGGs & Lil Man Has Words For His Pops!


Nick Cannon spent some quality time with his twins over the weekend and he was focused in on his Baby Boy's boots. Little man, Morroccan, was just trying to enjoy some new books when his pops went in on his baby boots. Nick gave his daughter Monroe a pass for rocking her UGG Boots, but when it came to Morroccan- he basically hit him with the "What are those??". LMAO! Morroccan wasn't hjaving it though and he shushed his dad with some cute comments. Check out little man's response. The fun doesn't stop there- it looks like Nick bought him a whole new fit while they were out- so that they could toss his little Ugg look a like boots! Is it ok for little boys to rock Ugg Boots- are they gender neutral?

Also- is anyone else tripping off how cute these two really are...they are too cute! Nick just let little man live his best life with his boots and books! LOL! Don't hate pops! 


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