State could pass bill that would allow SF to charge cars for downtown entry

Soon, we may need to pay to enter downtown San Francisco. The traffic is so bad that in order to minimize the congestion would be to limit the amount of cars that travel downtown and the state thinks that the best way to do that would be to charge a fee for downtown entry.  

The San Francisco Examiner explains, 

"First introduced in mid-February, Assembly Bill 3059 is co-authored by Assembly member Richard Bloom, D-Santa Monica, and state Sen. Scott Wiener. The bill is tentatively scheduled to be heard in committee for the first time March 19, according to state documents.'Traffic congestion is depriving Californians of their time, money and health — we’ve run out of options and our 20th century transportation solutions simply won’t cut it anymore,' Bloom said in a statement.The bill would remove legal barriers at the state level and allow local jurisdictions to pass their own congestion pricing pilot programs, called “Go Zones,” in four unnamed California cities. The bill says two pilots would be in Southern California and two in Northern California."


How crazy would that be? Yes, it would probably lessen the traffic downtown but we already have to pay tolls and a high toll on top of that, don't you think this is excessive? Would this keep you from driving downtown if you had to pay an entry fee?  Not gonna lie, I would probably walk downtown more often if this bill actually passes. 


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