Did You Know That THESE ICONIC FILMS Were Filmed in BAY AREA?


For those that were lucky enough to be born and raised in the Bay Area, you know how amazing the scenery is - from the beaches, to the mountains, to the just plain scenic views, the Bay Area has it all or close access to it all! So this shouldn't be too much of surprise that this many iconic movie scenes were filmed right here in the Bay Area! Although a lot of the scenes didn't give credit to the Bay, but in fact made viewers believe they were in very far off locations, it's still pretty cool too see how close to home they were.

High School scenes in SCREAM were filmed in the North Bay and if you look closely in THE MATRIX you'll notice a tunnel scene that was actually filmed in the Webster Tube that connects Alameda and Oakland. It doesn't stop there- a memorable scene in The Godfather was filmed in Marin! These are just the tip of the iceberg- as there have been plenty of movie and TV scenes shot in the Bay Area- next time you're watching some these see if you can spot some local hot spots!

Click Here to check out the full story and complete list of films whose iconic scenes were shot in the BAY AREA!!


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