WILL and JADEN Smith's Company Is Sending HELP Where It's Needed!


Like father like son! It's amazing to see how woke Jaden is and how he's following in his dad's footsteps. Jaden has definitely taken his dad's guidance when it comes to being a businessman while giving back and being aware of what's going on in the world!


Look at the excitement on Will Smith's face- not only is the water company that he and Jaden started doing well but they are also doing something really great to help the folks in Flint, Michigan get access to clean water. The water situation has been an issue for YEARS and in 2014 it finally made national news, bringing much needed attention and help. Although help is coming in- folks still don't have access to clean water and even with various plans in place to fix the corroded pipe issue that has caused the contaminated water to be piped into households, the completion of the project to replace all the piping won't be complete until about 2020. In the meantime Will and Jaden Smith's Water Company JUST has pledged to provide free water to Flint residents. Not only is the water clean but it comes in a container that is 82% plant based making it a much better option than that plastic bottle your water probably came in. Salute to the Smiths and the many other beverage companies that are stepping up to help out- let's get these folks clean water and SOONER!


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