Berkeley bookstore gets threats from Alt-right!

Revolution Books says the store’s goal is to share the truth about what’s happening in the world, but sadly that truth was met with hate this weekend when a riot ensued. One of the group members shouted, “We’re gonna burn down your bookstore, just so you know that,” and now the store employees are worried about their safety.

The Alt-right group started targeting the store last year after Milo Yiannopolis was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley.

“These pro-Trump fascist thugs have repeatedly targeted Revolution Books over the last series of months. and they’re targeting this store because we are the political and intellectual center for an actual revolution, and these people are supporters of a white supremacist president,” Kadaris said. “And we stand for everything they’re against.”

The all-volunteer bookstore believes in what they stand for and are willing to fight for it!



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