Housing is so bad professionals in SF are opting to live in dorms

Photo Credit: Getty Images

You may have some fond memories of living in a college dorm but you'd never want to go back once you were grown up, right? 

For some professionals in San Francisco, dorm living has become the new normal. As people search for affordable housing in the bay area, some have started the practice of communal living. That means a shared bathroom down the hallway and a kitchen and living room open to all.

A company called Starcity is creating dorms in the city for the non-tech population. They have already opened three properties with 36 units. They plan nine more buildings and the waiting list is up to 8,000 potential residents.

The bedrooms are anywhere from 130 to 220 square feet. The rooms will go for $1,400 to $2,400 and are fully furnished. Rent includes utilities and wi-fi. The average one bedroom place in San Francisco goes for over $3,000. 

If you check out the full article, you will see the amenities. It's not as bad as you would think. Would you do this to save money?


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