Safaree Tells The REAL reason Nicki Minaj Stayed Around

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Nicki Minaj's ex & Love & Hip Hop star Safaree has grown his fan base and got more opportunities for money moves thanks to leaked pictures of his "manhood" appearing online. 

During a talk with TMZ, Safaree admits that ex Nicki Minaj said to him, "If he wasn't so blessed downstairs, she would've left him."  He claims that when she said it she would be joking, but think about it, they did stay together 12 years.  

Safaree says he has no plans to venture into adult entertainment, but may do sex molds of his manhood. Business is popping for Safaree, but he did lose a gig at a school. 

Did you see Safaree's leaked pics? Would you think about picking up one of those molds when they hit stores ladies?  LOL!!!!!!


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