Micro-Cheating is the new thing people are being accused of... You guilty?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Have you heard of the term "micro-cheating?" 

It's not an emotional affair nor is it physical infidelity. It's a small area of things you can do to get yourself in trouble with your significant other. 

A relationship expert suggests that micro-cheating has grown in the era of social media. It sometimes involves remaining friends with an ex on social media and checking out their moves. I can also be sending random sexts or being flirty with someone else. 

A matchmaker says contact with an ex is a dangerous area because some remain friends with each other. It's best to talk to your current significant other about the level of contact you might have with an ex. You cross the line into micro-cheating when your relationship or obsession with another person starts to affect your own.  

Are you guilty of micro-cheating? What happened? Did you resolve the situation or is it going on? 



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